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Zentangle on a larger scale


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been tangling on a larger scale than the traditional 3.5 inch square tile, and I’ve been working on A4 sheets of card.  I’ve learnt a number of new patterns, including Ragz, Kemble, Pubfleur and Trellis and have experimented with tangellations (variations).  The finished pieces will be cut into 10 strips  and fitted with a tassle to form bookmarks which I hope to sell at next month’s Reddish art festival.090515   May15


One Zentangle a Day: Day 12


day12I admit I’ve been neglecting my Zentangle studies recently in order to pursue a 5 week online art course and to get my classes up and running.  It has also been a busy summer of markets and festivals.  But yesterday with the rain hammering on the studio roof.  I once again picked up Beckah Kahlua’s book, my micropen and a tile.  Day 12 introduces us to three new tangles, Beelight, Chillon and Bales.  Although quite different in appearance, they start from the same gently curved grid.  Iused all three, plus a tangellation of beelight in my completed Zentangle.