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December’s Mandala challenge


Having done a couple of mandalas using Ben Kwok’s templates, I wanted to learn how to do one from scratch.

I started with a square and divided it in half horizontally, vertically and diagonally before dividing each of those segments into half again.

With a compass, I drew a series of circles from the mid-point, making the largest circle as big as the square.  From the centre point, I then began to construct my mandala, mirroring each element that I added.  This is the result.  You could divide your square into more or less segments for different effects (although less than 8 would probably be pretty dull).

Mandala1 72dpiOver the holiday, I returned to Ben Kwok‘s templates and tangled this violin.



Zentangle with colour

Zentangle with colour
Zentangled mandals

Zentangled mandalas

Although traditional Zentangle is black and white, there is no reason why you shouldn’t add colour to your art if that is what you want to do.  It is also okay to break away from the 3.5inch square tile and to tangle within shapes.  I downloaded these Zentangle templates from Pinterest, added my own patterned tangles  and added colour with felt-tip pens.