Alive and kicking – just about! And playing with Japanese brush pens.


It has been almost two months since I posted to this blog, for a good reason.  In the middle of last month, almost 3 years since my major stroke, I had a mini stroke.  It absolutely knocked me for six and for several days I couldn’t draw at all because my right hand was shaking so much.  It really scared me, thinking that I may never be able to draw again.

At the beginning of the month, before this occurred, I tangled this macaw, using Staedler fine-liners  and some new Japanese watercolour brushpens that I treated myself to from Amazon.

macaw72The pens are wonderful, they hold a fine point so are good for detail, yet you can also cover large areas quickly.  They can be dipped into water to create lighter shades and blend beautifully.  As the packaging was in Japanese, I had to learn to use them by trial and error, but found it quite instinctive.

I had started this owl just before my mini stroke and finished it a few weeks later, once my right hand had resumed almost normal service.  Some of my lines are a little wobbly but I am satisfied with the result – again the brush pens came into play.

owl72And once I started drawing again, I could not stop!  So a few days later and again with the assistance of the brush pens, along came this festive bauble!

bauble72(2)I would recommend these pens by Acacia to anyone, so put them on your list to Santa or head over to Amazon and treat yourself now.



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