One Zentangle a Day: days 16, 17 and 18


I’ve given myself a good kicking and now it is time to catch up on my blog and my Zentangle  – the sun is shining so once this is written, I’m out into the garden with my sketchbook and Beckah Krahula’s fabulous book to discover what day 19 has in store.  As you may have noticed, somewhere along the  line, I got the numbering of the days mixed up.  My Stroke has left me notoriously bad with dates and numbers.

Day 16 introduced me to the tangle ‘Pepper’ which looks a lot like ‘Festune’ and was very simple to draw.  I also learned ‘Ynix’ and ‘Squid’ (which reminded me of a chrysanthemum).  I chose to do my Zentangle on blue paper which combined with the black ink and grey pencil shading, gives a cold feeling.  I chose mostly organic tangle patterns and think the overall effect looks like plants growing on a sea bed.

day16Day 17 and I was not impressed!  I found all three tangles quite ugly – ‘Viruvius’, ‘Courant’ and ‘Sedgling’ so I doubt if I’ll be using them very often.

day 17Day 18 and back on more comfortable ground with ‘Gneiss’ (goodness knows how that is pronounced – who thinks up these names?), ‘Cadent’,  and ‘Huggins’.  I had to study the latter two quite closely to understand how the lines moved around the circles and dots.

day 18


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