One Zentangle a Day: Days 9 and 10

One Zentangle a Day: Days 9 and 10

Apologies that it has been quite a while since my last post.  Ongoing health problens resulting frommy stroke have forced me to give up my job, and I am now putting most of my energy into starting up a new business from home – more of thatin another post!

Between times, I am continuing to follow Beckah Kraulah’s excellent book, ‘One Zentangle a Day’.  Day 9 does not introduce any new tangles but challenges you to create a Zentangle on a black tile, using a white gel pen and a white coloured pencil for shading purposes.  Buying a white gel pen was quite a challenge, there are few to be found here in Stockport.  And I was only able to complete these three tiles before it ran out!

Working in white on black changes and pretty much reverses the tonal values of the tangles, with the one exception of Knightsbridge, which by and large remains unchanged.

day9Day 10 introduces three new tangles, ‘Finery’, ‘Echoism’ and ‘Flukes’.  I’m not keen on ‘Finery’ but may use it in small doses when a lighter pattern is needed. ‘Echoism’ I  enjoyed.  It took me a little time to get used to ‘Flukes’ but once my brain had recognised that it uses rectangles, it got easier and with shading is pretty effective.  For the completed tile, the challenge was to produce a ‘landscape’ effect.  By using a darker, heavier tangle in the foreground, and gradually using lighter tangles as you move back, a receding effect is created, as you see in thee landscape.

day 10



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  1. Don’t you just love that book? It sounds like we are at the same place. And we practice the lessons the same way. Hope you get stronger and your new business takes hold.

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